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What's my classroom code?

Classroom codes associate you with your teacher and ensure you get appropriate credit for your participation. If you have an classroom code, please use it at registration. Otherwise, you can associate your account with your school and add a classroom code later.

Why do I have to take this course?

Any requirements related to Financial Basics are established by your school, not Financial Basics.

Why can't I log in?

Here are three steps that will help you figure out what's going on:

  1. First, most log in issues are due to forgotten passwords. Please use the Password Reset Tool to restore access to your account. If your email address is in our database, you'll receive an instant confirmation and a password reset link will be emailed to you.

  2. Next, if the password tool can't find your email address, it's possible that there was a typo in your email address at registration or you used another email address. If you've tried any other email addresses you may have used, please contact us with your email address and the name of your sponsoring organization. We will correct any typos in your address and email you a confirmation when complete.

How do I print a completion certificate?

Log in to your account and find the "Print Certificate" link(s) on your Courses page. If you have your course completion code, you can print a certificate using the Course Verification Tool without logging in.

How do I raise my grade?

Many organizations set minimum passing grades for your Financial Basics experience. You can raise your grade by retaking missed quiz questions.

From your Courses page, scroll down to the course you're working on. If your grade is less than 100%, a "Re-take Quiz" link is available.

How do I raise my participation score?

Your participation score offers real-time feedback on your work. If your score drops suddenly, you can click the "More Info" link in the Learning Coach box to re-take the previous course topic. Once your progress to the next topic, you can no longer raise your score.

The Learning Coach is for your personal use and participation scores are not reported to your school or other sponsoring organization.

Is a completion certificate sent to my school or sponsoring organization?

In most cases, your school or sponsoring organization will be able to verify your work through their administrative control panel. So unless they specifically told you to print and submit a certificate, you shouldn't need to do anything else after completing your assignment.

Where's the Course Verification Tool?

The Course Verification Tool is located at

The tool is intended for use by course instructors to verify your participation in the event they don't have access to Financial Basics's administrative control panel. You can always enter your course completion code if you need to quickly print a certificate without logging in to your account.

Why do you need my Student ID, gender or other personal information?

Each organization using Financial Basics is given a range of options regarding what information is required from participants at registration, including Student ID, year in school, gender, phone number, plus more. This information is not used by Financial Basics in any way.

Many colleges and universities that require a Student ID use it for tracking assignment completion in a student management system. Phone numbers are useful when organizations offer personalized counseling and would need to contact you by phone. Gender is used for aggregate reporting on survey questions.

All information transmitted to Financial Basics is encrypted using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your privacy. Personally identifiable information gathered from you by Financial Basics is not used for any other purpose other than providing this service and is never released to third parties except as required by law. For complete details, please review our Privacy Policy.

What's my password?

For your security, your password is encrypted and is not available to any Financial Basics staff member or administrator.

If you have forgotten your password, please use the Password Reset tool. If your email address is in our database, we will email you a reset link.

If the password tool can't find your email address, it's possible that there was a typo in your email address at registration. If so, please contact us with your email address and the name of your sponsoring organization. We will correct the password and email you a confirmation when complete.

Have a problem not addressed here? Please contact us with a detailed description of your issue. For your security, please contact us using the same email address you use to sign in to Financial Basics.

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Financial Basics is a service offered through schools across South Carolina.

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